Best Practices for building an Enterprise SaaS Company

Product Market Fit Methodology

The most important thing a startup must do in any space is establish product market fit. As it turns out, this is more easily achieved in Enterprise SaaS than in Consumer Tech companies. But it won’t happen magically. You can follow a 9 step process to move form early stage product with handfuls of customers to repeatable and scalable revenue.

Building a Compelling Mission Story

If you want to attract passionate followers to your company – investors, employees, partners and customers, you must be able to tell a convincing and compelling mission story that justifies: “Why your company exists” and “How it plans to produces an impactful result.” I have designed a five step process that can help you build a killer Mission story.

Building Sales Organizations

Most Successful Enterprise Companies have thrived through effective sales models. But each Company/Market/Product is different and cookie cutter solutions won’t work in the social/mobile/cloud world where buyers are super informed and driving the process.

There are a number of workshops and templates that can be used to quickly help you:

  • Define your target markets and buyers
  • Determine a Unique sales model
  • Build Repeatable Sales Process
  • Hire the right Talent
  • Scalable Train Sales Staff
  • Build Appropriate Quotas and Compensation systems
  • Build effective trial or initial implementation projects
  • Design Forecasting and Sales Metrics Systems


Enterprise SaaS Marketing

Enterprise Marketing is crucial to your success. Use our template and expertise to :

  • Build Company and Product Positioning
  • Build Significant and lasting Competitive Differentiation
  • Design Effective and Efficient Demand Generation Campaigns

Building Customer Success Organization

Customer Success is the most underrated part of most SaaS success stories. Building an effective model is necessary to ensure high renewal rates and realize significant upsell potential. Our templates and services can help you quickly

  • Define the makeup of your customer success services
  • Design a model to effectively provide these critical services
  • Ensure customers get rapid “Time to Value”
  • Build Mastery of all 4 critical areas of customer success

Leveraging Partnerships and Channels

Business Development and Resellers can provide incredible leverage to your Go to Market model. Out templates can help you

  • Categorize partner types and establish a partner strategy
  • Build Recruitment and Operational plans for:
    • Underlying technology partners
    • Tangential technology partners
    • Services Providers
    • Resellers
    • Government Partners
    • Industry Oriented Partners
    • International Partners