About Me

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I am a specialist in Enterprise SaaS. I have broad and deep experience across sales, marketing, business development and operations. But I have also worked closely with product and engineering teams to build world class products . I have have run some  large operations ( 500+ people), but also run some startups with less than 10 people.

People know me best for helping start Google Enterprise with Dave Girouard, Matt Glotzbach and Jocelyn Ding. We grew the businesses from infancy to over $1B in ARR. At the time of my departure in 2013, Google Enterprise was the third largest Enterprise SaaS player behind only Salesforce and Amazon Web Services.  Google Enterprise (now Google for Work) consisted of four businesses: Google Apps, Google Maps for Business, Google Search  and a then fledgling Google Cloud Platform business. I was responsible for all Americas Sales efforts. We sold to the smallest businesses with web sales, to mid market business with inside sales and to large businesses with field sales. In addition to my sales responsibilities, I helped assist the marketing and operations parts of the business both domestically and internationally. I played a large part in helping the product teams develop whole product. I also ran the Global Microsoft Compete team and developed competitive strategy for disrupting Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and Office.

After leaving Google, I became the President and COO of Hearsay Social. During my tenure, the company quadrupled ARR, raised a $30M Series C round, successfully repositioned the company as a vertical SaaS player and entered into a strategic partnership with LinkedIn. I ran Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Business Development at Hearsay.

I also have done a lot of public speaking and have been told I do a decent job at this. 🙂  I have delivered hundreds of industry presentations, keynoted at the Gartner Symposium and spoke numerous times at  Dreamforce.. I have spoken extensively on the topic of the business cloud and  have received some credit for helping companies take their first steps into the public cloud.

Prior to Google , I  worked at a number of enterprise focused technology companies. I was a sales and marketing executive at IBM, ran a $300M+ business unit for Oracle . I also served as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Operations at Virage, Inc. and was part of the successful sale and integration of that company to Autonomy Corporation in 2003.

I was born just outside Toronto and spent the first thirty years of my life  in Canada. When I am not advocating for Enterprise SaaS companies, I am very busy on the home front. I am married and have three kids who keep me busy at the baseball field or theatre.