Why I Quit Android!

I have done it. I switched religions.  No, not the Catholicism thing….the Android thing. After SEVEN long years with Android, I bought a iPhone6 Plus on Monday, and turned in my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I went right into the Verizon store and made the switch. I have been talking about it for a long time, but talking and doing are two very different things. But I did it. My legs were a little shaky walking out, but I made it to car without collapsing.


For those who know me, you know how big a decision this was. I have been an Android advocate since the beginning. I worked at Google when Android was born. I have owned approximately 10 Android Phones and probably trialed another twenty. I have used about 10 different types of Android tablets and 2 Android smartwatches. Hell, I even owned a Motorola based Android laptop device. I have been a committed member of the Church of Android and worshipped at the altar of Andy Rubin. I loudly trumpeted the Android gospel and extolled its benefits from the mountaintop. Not only that, I criticized and belittled the iPhone for its lack of customizability, its originally poor implementations of Google applications, its crappy maps and for its teeny, tiny size.


But I can stand it no more. Since the introduction of the iPhone6, I have been secretly harboring the desire to make the switch. But I couldn’t do it. Its not easy for a preacher to change churches. And this fall, I gave Android one more chance, I got new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a new version of Android and bought a Moto360 watch. It was a bad decision. A disaster in fact…so in a nutshell here is why I switched away from Android


The iPhone6 is a really great phone

  • It finally has the size I need in a phone. No more squinting at a tiny screen and a phablet that equals or betters Android.
  • The camera is just freaking great. Takes better pictures than any Android phone. SLO-MO video is unbelievable.
  • Best Apps Ecosystem in the world. Cutting edge apps come out first on iOS. Don’t believe me…how about Periscope and Meerkat?.
  • Fingerprint thing unlocks the phone quickly. Samsung fingerprint scanner is the definition of lame.


Samsung Phones are really starting to suck

  • TouchWiz is just a piece of garbage. Still lots of bugs. Widgets sometimes just disappear and apps sometimes just drop off the menu screens.
  • I was having tons of application crashes- Like 20 a day. This may not be all Android’s fault. I think application makers test their iOS apps more.
  • The camera is just not that good.
  • I was having serious battery problems after only 6 months with the phone.


The battle of the watches is not close

  • I had the Moto360. This has been widely rated as the best Android watch, but it is really not very good. The notifications vibration is barely noticeable and thats a problem.One of the main killer apps for a smartwatch is notifications. But if you miss the notifications, why not have a TIMEX.  Also, Google Fit is well…..as one review charitably put it: “it is not yet a finished product.”
  • The Apple Watch is not yet a perfect product, but it is a generation ahead of any Android watch. Notifications actually notify you and implementation is pretty elegant. Apple Health is pretty good and my step count is one tap away. You can actually use it for simple texting, not so with Moto360. Lastly, it just looks better.


I could not think of a reason to NOT switch

  • I used to stay on Android because the Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google Now worked great on Android and were not very functional on iOS. Now only the imperfect Google Now is a differentiator.
  • I stayed on Android  because Google Maps with turn by turn direction and all the Maps goodies were only available on Android. Google Maps now available on iOS and Apple Maps catching up.
  • I stayed on Android because it had better form factor choices. Not anymore!
  • I stayed on Android because it was more customizable. And while that is still true…I don’t have all day to install custom launchers.


In the end I ran out of reasons to stay, I became upset with Samsung’s latest devices and frankly I started to envy the very iPhone users that I once pitied!


So….I switched religions. Better to switch than stubbornly stay with the Samsung/Andorid partnership that is currently struggling. I will keep you posted on how it goes and while I am now an iPhone person, I am keeping the Andy Rubin statue that I put in the Lock Koi pond.